The Spice Island

While Zanzibar is famed for its silver-sanded shores and azure waters, this small island in the lush Indian Ocean has far more to offer.

The so-called Spice Island, located 40 kilometers off the eastern coast of Tanzania and just a few degrees south of the equator, sits at the cultural intersection of Africa and the Arab world.

The unique, beguiling charms of the island of Zanzibar, known locally as Unguja, are almost innumerable.

Zanzibar Dreams

Take a stroll through Stone Town, Zanzibar’s old quarter, and get lost among centuries-old buildings in its narrow, maze-like alleyways where modern cafés vie for space with bygone Arab palaces.

Walk among antique hunters in one of the many nearby bazaars to see the famed ornately carved chests local artisans have to offer.

Catch a glimpse of the spritely red colobus monkey, found nowhere else on Earth, or take advantage of the island’s gentle monsoon winds to learn how to kite surf. Or better yet, come to Villa Serenity Zanzibar and sit by the warm white sands of Paje and enjoy the calm, dazzling turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

Sandy Paradise

Nestled in a tranquil stretch of Paje Beach, illa Serenity Zanzibar is tucked away between the traditional Zanzibari villages of Paje and Jambiani on the island’s eastern coast. This sheltered beach, among the world’s most beautiful, with its warm white sands and exquisitely clear turquoise waters makes for an idyllic getaway. For those looking for privacy, peace and quietude, illa Serenity Zanzibar is the place.


Languages: Swahili and English

Time Zone: East African Time (EAT), GMT+3

Currency: Tanzanian Shillings

Dry Seasons: June-September, November-March

Temperature: 21-33°C (70-91°F)